Quick Jet team is very competent and its R&D staff accounts for 30% of the Company’s employees. We possess high standard manufacturing process, innovative R&D design, professional mechatronics and precision cutting applications. Quick Jet’s equipment is both safe and stable and thus can achieve high speed and efficient milling. To ensure that each piece of equipment is in its optimal state, we insist on the well-established self-inspection principle, which combines advanced precision instrument for inspection, rigorous internal technical examination and high standard personnel education training.

We not only provide equipment, but also make commitment. Instead of giving priority to making profits first, we attach great importance to the principle of sustainable services, which is the reason why we have won customer trust. We believe that the delivery of a piece of equipment is only the start of responsibilities: Customers start to trust in Quick Jet and we start to provide equipment of high productivity and fulfill our commitment to sustainable services. Since the first day of Quick Jet’s establishment, the loyal customers who make frequent purchases have been our greatest encouragement and also the best spokespersons for the products of Quick Jet.

Quick Jet put emphasis on after-sales service and has established service centers in Taiwan, Guangdong, Kunshan and around the world. In addition, we provide customers with prompt service and support regarding mechanical structure, CNC technology and processing application. We endeavor to prevent customers’ losses due to shutdown cost and production delay. Therefore, the primary goal of Quick Jet’s prompt service is to restore the operation of equipment as soon as possible.