Combination of Workmanship, Technology and Experience
Every piece of Quick Jet machine has been finished with the essential technique of hand scraping. More than 20 years of experience have endowed our machines with precision higher than expected and ensured their durability and stability.
A Wide Range of the Most Advanced Measuring Instruments and Use Experience
We have tens of advanced inspection instruments and provide updated R&D and precision improvements to produce machines of high standards that meet the requirements of the market at any time.
Over 15 Years of Cooperation with European Key Component Manufacturers
Quick Jet machines have successfully integrated the components of various suppliers. In addition to over 2 decades’ close cooperation with German and Swiss suppliers, we have integrated R&D with manufacturers in Norway and other areas in recent years and managed to reach another milestone by furthering the quality of Quick Jet machines.
Rigorous Production and Quality Control Mode
Every piece of Quick Jet machine has been assembled in the thermostatically controlled plants. Before delivery, the equipment is not only measured by various advanced instruments and inspected by quality control facilities with high standards, but subject to the actual cutting tests. The equipment cannot be allowed for delivery until the precision, the quality of machined surface and the reliability of machines have been verified.
Cutting technology center has over 20 years of experience in high-speed cutting, precision molds, micro machining and aerospace processing.
Quick Jet’s cutting technology center has always been playing the role of customers, providing experiences of high speed cutting, precision molds, micro machining, aerospace processing, etc. It has long been verifying various modes of cutting tests and employing a variety of special cutters and facilities regardless of R&D costs, with the purpose of perfectly combining the customers’ demands with the functions of machines.
Cutting Test Lab
Quick Jet has set up a cutting lab of constant temperature and humidity to conduct longtime cutting tests for the ultraprecision machining. We provide customers with actual data and the most comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.
Integration of Novel Application Technologies
With the increasingly progressive times, in addition to the routine integration of technologies, Quick Jet has paid great attention to the applications of various technologies. Quick Jet makes use of innovation to satisfy market challenges and applies it to the products to maintain our leading position of technology.
Exhaustive and Powerful After-sales Services
Quick Jet puts emphasis on after-sales services and has established service centers in Taiwan, Guangdong, Kunshan and around the world. We provide customers with prompt service and support regarding mechanical structure, CNC technology and processing application. We endeavor to prevent customers’ losses due to shutdown cost and production delay. Therefore, the primary goal of Quick Jet’s prompt service is to restore the operation of equipment as soon as possible.