CNC Double Column milling and Machining Center AV-2516(H)

●The beam is a box type symmetrical structure and deployed with 4 ways with great span. the spindle head is built in the beam. the specially designed "Box-in-Box" symmetrical structure reduces influence by environmental temperature variation to a minimum. ●The base and table are one-piece fabricated with high loading-resistant capability. three axis movements are not affected by work piece weight, which results in high machining accuracy and quality. ●The X-axis is driven by double servo systems in combination with the use of double linear scales for feedback control, that ensure smooth movements and permit dynamic accuracy to be fully controlled. ●Coolant through ball screws on three axis combined with rigid assembling enable the machine to achieve higher positioning accuracy and repeatability. ●Three axis are equipped with torque-limited couplings allowing for setting safe torque. This provides a safety protection for transmission system by avoiding the risk of overload. ●Compact construction. Great machining capacity. Small space occupation.

Product Information

TRAVEL X axis (spindle in / out) 2,500 mm
Y aixs (spindle left / right) 1,600 mm
Z axis (spindle vertival) 800 mm
Spindle nose to table surface(min/max) HSK-A100,350-1150 mm  HSK-A100,650-1450mm
HSK-A63 SC,383-1183 mm HSK-A63 SC,683-1483 mm
X/Y/Z axis drive protection Direct torque limit coupler
TABLE Size 2,650x1,950 mm
T-slot ( W x No. x P) 22 x 7 x 285 mm
Table type Fixed
SPINDLE (builit-in) Spindle speed HSK-A100-14,000 / 10,000 rpm HSK-A63,SC-24,000 rpm
Motor 32 kW 29 Kw
Spindle taper HSK-A100 HSK-A63
Oil chiller ±1℃ of amibient shop temperature
FEED RATES Cutting feed 1-24,000 mm/min
X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse 24,000 mm/min
THREE AXIS X/Y/Z axis servo motors 9.9x2 / 9.9 / 7.2kW
X/Y/Z axis linear ways 55x2 / 55x4 /45x4 mm
X/Y/Z axis ball screws Ø63 x2 / Ø63 / Ø50


(Disk Magazine)

Max. tool Dia. HSK-A100,Ø80 HSK-A63 SC,Ø35
Max. tool length 350 mm 220 mm
Max. tool weight 12 kg 7 kg
Tool storage capacity 16Tools  20 Tools
PRECISION Positioning accuracy ( X/Y/Z) 0.006 mm ( ISO 230/2)
Repeatability (X/Y/Z) <0.004 mm (ISO 230/2)
AIR SUPPLY Pressure / Consumption 6 kg/cm2 /500 l /min
COOLANT  Coolant pump 2 sets, 0.58 Kw ea.
Coolant tank capacity 400 L
MACHINE SIZE Machine dimension (LxWxH) 5,340 x 5,035 x 4,283 mm 5,340 x 5,035 x 4,583 mm
Machine weight 30,000 kg 33,000 kg