CNC 5Axis Gantry Machining Center AV-3021X

●Heavy duty 5-axis simultaneous structure design, especially developed for the tool, die and mould industry. ●Closed design of the double-beam and cross slide (box in box design) with internal, quadruple guided ram-type milling unit. ●Constantly perfect cutting results by means of load and thermo symmetric design. ●Execution as overhead gantry design, therefore controlled dynamic and accuracy. ●Stationary work piece for constantly good surface qualities. ●High productivity by means of roughing and finishing in one set-up. ●Very compact machines, large working area in spite of extreme small floor-space. ●Ergonomic operation by means of floor-level access to the machine tool. ●Convincing cost-performance ratio. ●5-Axis machine always equipped with DCM (Dynamic ●Collision Monitoring). Axis retracting function from tool axis direction when outside power failure. Spindle cutting load monitoring function.

Product Information

TYPE   GTV-3021X
TRAVEL  X axis 3,000 mm
Y axis 2,100 mm
Z axis 1,000 mm
B axis  +/-110°
C axis  +/-240°
TABLE Size 3,500x2,250 mm
Table load Max.7,000 kg/m2
FREED RATES  X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse 30,000 mm
PRECISION  Positioning accuracy 0.006 mm
Repeatability  <0.004 mm
MACHINE SIZE Machine dimension LXWXH 7,896x6,095x5,057 mm
Machine weight  51,000 kg

Head Type                                 
Head Spec. AC7 AC8M TQ1
 C-axis rotate range /speed   ±240°/ 60 rpm ±240°/ 60 rpm ±240°/ 60 rpm
B-axis swivel range /speed ±110°/ 60 rpm ±110°/ 60 rpm ±110°/ 47 rpm
Precision: Pos / Rep 15 / 12 sec 15 / 12 sec 15 / 12 sec
Resolution 0.001 deg 0.001 deg 0.001 deg
Clamping Force  3,000 Nm  6,000 Nm 1,900 Nm
Motors DD motor DD motor

      C-axis:DD motor          

B-axis:Servo motor

Axis Torque (S1) C-axis: 610 Nm C-axis: 1,500 Nm C-axis: 68 Nm
A-axis: 610 Nm A-axis: 1,500 Nm A-axis: 109 Nm
Spindle Type HSK-A63 CSC HSK-A100 VC HSK-A63 CSC
Torque32 Nm Torque300 Nm Torque32 Nm
Power20 kW Power63 kW Power20 Kw
Max rpm: 26,000  Max rpm: 15,000  Max rpm: 26,000 
HSK-A63 Synchronous Motor CSC ( Optional )    
Max rpm: 24,000     
Spindle with ATS / CTS Function Yes Yes Yes
External Coolant  spindle nose spindle nose spindle nose
Cooling C-axisB-axisSpindle with oil cooling C-axisB-axisSpindle with oil cooling C-axisB-axis with air cooling Spindle with oil cooling