CNC Double Column Graphite Machining Center AV-M8G

The machine has dual using functions for Graphite cutting and Steel cutting 1. Buidd-in 36,000 rpm spindle. 2. Using the most advance computer Aid Design Finite Structural analysis ,an extremely rigid machine base foundation was created that supports and maintains the outstanding accuracy of this high performance machine . 3. High tech built-in motor spindle-FISCHER that offer a complete speed range from 200 to 36,000 rpm . Not only powerful torque for rough cutting with low speed but high accuracy for finish cutting with high speed . 4. High efficient dust removal and filtration system . (a) Internal airflow will sieve out the bigger particles to extend the service life of filter . (b) The filter system will clean the attached dust automatically when the system stop running.To make sure the exhaust will not pollute the environment ,the dust must be filtered through two layer of filter.

Product Information