CNC Vertical Milling Machine (tool magazine not included) M-1612

●We provide the support of high technology as same as the leader of mould and die industry in Germany - DEPO ●The best application :medium size of automobile mould、big toy mould 、automobile electronic、lamp、big size plastic mould 。 ●Worktable size is 1800 x 1300 mm,that been overly engineered cast and then machine to provide a Rock-Solid platform with high loading capabilities. The top table surface is precision scraped for flatness, parallelism and perpendicularity to the X,Y and Z axis..

Product Information

X axis ( Spindle left / right ) 1600mm
Y axis ( Table in/out ) 1200mm
Z axis (Spindle vertical) 700mm
Spindle nose to table surface (Min/Max) 100-800mm 120-820mm
X/Y/Z drive protection torque limit couplet Direct
Size 1800 x 1300mm
T-slot (W x No. x P) 18 x 9 x 187.5 mm
Max. table load (evenly distributed) 4,000 Kgs 4000 Kgs
SPINDLE (built-in)
Taper HSK-A63 24,000 r.p.m. / HSK-A80 10,000 r.p.m / HSK-A100 14000 r.p.m or 8,000 r.p.m
Spindle speed HSK-A63, 29 Kw / HSK-A80, 25 Kw /HSK-A100, 32 Kw
Motor HSK-A63 / HSK-A80 /HSK-A100
Cutting feed 21,000 mm/min
X/Y/Z rapid traverse

21,000 mm/min (0%, 30%, 50%, 100%)

AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER( HSK-A63-24,000 rpm / HSK-A80-14,000 rpm / HSK-A100-10,000 rpm ; 14,000 rpm )
Max. tool dia. HSK-A63:Ø35 / HSK-A80:Ø52 / HSK-A100:Ø66
Max. tool length 330mm
Max. tool weight 7 kg / 12kg
POWER SUPPLY 6 kg/c㎡ / 500 l /min
Capacity 71 KVA
泵浦 0.58 Kw x 2
冷卻箱容量 314 L
A63 x 20刀 / A80 x 16刀 / A100 x 16刀
Machine dimension 4,936 x 3,204 x 3,610 mm
Machine weight 17,000 kg
A80 x 16刀 / A100 x 16刀 ( 中央給水 )
Machine dimension 5,110 x3,700 x 3,610 mm
Machine weight 17,200 kg