Conventional Milling Machine 2#

●Spindle is made of chrome molybedenum steed (SCM-21),one piece machined, tempering and carburizing heat treated, precision ground. Spindle runs on precision bearing that offers wide cutting range. ●The gears and bearings in milling head are forced circulating lubrication that gives the excellent lubrication effect.Fitted with an oil level indicator, making assure the parts life. ●The tilting angle is 45 degrees. Double screw locking device makes the head tighten securely and release conveniently.

Product Information

Spindle speed 75 ~ 3600RPM 16 speeds 60 ~ 3600RPM(4050RPM) Variate
Spindle taper NST 40
Tilting angle 45 degrees
Stroke 140mm
Ram movement 450mm
Spindle nose to table Standard 0 ~ 530mm
Optional 0 ~ 630mm
Auto down feed 0.035 / 0.07 / 0.14mm
Table size 1250 X 280 mm
X travel


Y travel 400mm
Z travel 420mm
T-Slot (Width x Number x Spacing) 16mm X 3 X 64mm
X auto 0 ~ 1500 mm/min
X speed 3300mm/min
Elevation speed 1150mm/min
For main spindle 2.2kw (3HP) 3.7kw (5HP)
For X-axis traverse 0.75kw (1HP)
For Z-axis elevation 0.75kw (1HP)
Coolant pump 125W (1/6HP)
Lubrication pump 25W
Magnetic pump 13W
Magnetic-electric clutch 20W
Overall dimension 1900 X 2190 X 2270mm 1900 X 2190 X 2400mm
Packing dimension

1760 X 1425 X 2190mm

1910 X 1575 X 2190mm
Net weight 2050kgs 2100kgs
Gross weighe 2450kgs 2500kgs