Conventional Milling Machine QB

●The milling head features powerful full function. It affords extremely powerful, rigid performance while in low speed cutting, and excellent stability high speed. ●One piece casting of base, column and ram guideway gives superior rigidity without deformation. ●The loading center of base is of solid constructed with scientific rib reinforced providing excellent stability of loading. ●Quality casings are over FC 30 and FCD 35, which are fully material analyzed prior to casting. Tempering heat treated for maximum wear resistance without deformation.

Product Information

Spindle taper NST30 / R8 / NST40 (on request)
Spindle speed 75-3600RPM 16 Step 60-3600RPM (4050) variable
Head swivel Right and left 45°
Quill travel 140MM (5.51”)
Ram travel 450MM (17.71”)
Distance from spindle to table NST30 & NST40 0-500MM (0-19.68”)R8 0-485MM (0-19.09”)
Distance from spindle to column 165-615MM (6.49”-24.21”)
Quill feed per revolution of spindle 0.035/0.07/0.14MM(0.0014”X0.0028”X0.0056”) (Per revolution)
Table surface 1200 x 260 mm(47.24”X10.23”)
Table longitudinal travel

650MM (25.59”)

Table cross travel 350MM (13.77”)
Table vertical travel 360MM (14.17”)
T-Slot (Width x Number x Spacing) 16mm X 3 X 64mm
Vertical power travel speed 1150MM / MIN (45.27”/min)
Spindle 2.2kw (3HP) 2.2KW (3.7KW AC inverter)
Knee (Z axis) 0.75KW (1HP)
Lubrication pump 3W
Magentic pump 13W
Machine dimension ( L x W x H ) 1750 x 1610 x 2180MM(69” x 63.38” x 85.82”) 1750 x 1610 x2310MM(66.92” x 66.92”) x 82.67”)
Packing dimensions ( L x W x H ) 1700 x 1700 x 2100MM(66.92” x 66.92” x 82.67”) 1700 x 1750 x 2100MM(66.92” x 66.92” x 82.67”)
Net weight 1620KGS(3564 Lbs) 1680KGS(3696 Lbs)
Gross weight 2000KGS(4400 Lbs) 2080KGS(4576 Lbs)